Do you want to know a secret?

If you want to know many secrets of the Faith, then allow me to introduce you to Mr. Jimmy Akin.  He is an apologist of the highest order, and I first came to know of his work as a Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers.  Beyond his work answering questions on the radio program, I found that Jimmy is a great author as well.  He has written several books and keeps his own blog, as well as being a contributor to the National Catholic Register.

But we’re here to talk about secrets today.  I decided to write this article because I am proud to be a member of Jimmy Akin’s Secret Information Club, where he provides exclusive articles and insights from his own research.  The information is presented in a whimsical way (being part of a secret information club is a lot more fun than joining an email newsletter list!) and tackles some very interesting subjects, such as:

  • 1st century Christian writings that *aren’t* in the New Testament (and what we can learn from them)
  • What the Vatican considers the absolute *worst* liturgical abuses
  • What Pope Benedict wants you to know about the mystery of Purgatory
  • How Pope Benedict understands the sinister figure of Judas Iscariot–and his eternal fate
  • What Pope Benedict wants you to know about that perpetually thorny issue: private revelation
  • Among many other interesting things!

I bet he paid you a lot of money for this!

Actually, quite the contrary.  I don’t know Jimmy (maybe one day I’ll get to meet him!) nor am I getting any sort of kick-back, indulgence, thank-you card, or any other form of compensation for this recommendation.  I’m just sharing the Secret Information Club because it’s awesome.  The information that Jimmy provides – free of charge – is a tremendous resource for the budding apologist, interested RCIA student, or lover of Truth.  I particularly enjoy his mock interviews with Pope Benedict, where he culls answers and insights out of Pope Benedict’s public writings and presents them in a question-and-answer style.  These nuggets of wisdom from the Holy Father have caused me to dig deeper into Pope Benedict’s writings, and this was a nice entry-point for the otherwise intimidated.

So there you have it, gentle reader.  The secret is out.  Head on over to The Secret Information Club and sign up for free, you won’t be sorry.  I just hope that Jimmy doesn’t revoke my membership card for cluing you all in!

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