Get the Catholic Voting Guide App now!

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has produced a free mobile application to help educate Catholic voters on vital issues this election cycle.  This application is non-partisan and does not tell you who to vote for, but does outline the important issues that should matter to every Catholic voter.

I have noticed two things this election year: confusion about moral and religious topics, and apathy.  This application will help clear up the confusion, in hopes that Catholics everywhere vote on the basis of their Faith this election year.  Not Catholic?  I think there is some value here for you as well: you get a very succinct and clear outline of the Catholic stance on these issues.  God willing, these views align with your own and you too can use this tool to form your own conscience and vote accordingly this year.

Please note: aside from being a Catholic, I am not affiliated with the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.  I’m just a big fan of what they do.